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Teeth whitening is the most effective way of enhancing and brighten your smile quickly and effectively. Whitening helps remove discolouration caused by foods, drinks and smoking.

It works by application of a gel concentrate which interacts with your tooth structure changing its colour.

The Process

The process is simple and quick. We initially start by taking moulds of your teeth to fabricate custom fitting whitening trays. These trays are then used over the course of the whitening process to apply the gel to your teeth. You will be given instructions on how to apply the gels along with cleaning instructions. You will wear the trays at night or during the day over a period of 2-4 weeks. You can decide how white you want your teeth to be by stopping the gel application once you are satisfied with the colour.

We offer two of the best whitening systems here at The Heathcote Dental & Implant Clinic.


Enlighten Teeth Whitening

Enlighten is widely considered to be the best and most effective tooth whitening system in the world.

With Enlighten whitening, your dentist will give you some tooth serum to use before the whitening the procedure. This prepares the teeth for the whitening the procedure and therefore limits any sensitivity. Once your dentist has made your custom fitting whitening trays, you can whiten your teeth at home every night for two weeks.

Following the two weeks at home whitening, your dentist will arrange a comprehensive whitening appointment in the clinic. This is what really sets Enlighten apart from other whitening systems and gives your teeth a clean, fresh, lovely white appearance.

Enlighten whitening offers a guarantee of achieving what is known as a B1 shade. This is the whitest natural shade a tooth can achieve.

Boutique Teeth Whitening

Boutique whitening is an excellent whitening system that gives you complete control of how white you wish to make your teeth.

Your dentist will make you some custom fitting whitening trays and provide you with the most appropriate Boutique Whitening kit. You then whiten your teeth at home until you are happy with the shade achieved!

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Teeth Whitening FAQs

There is sometimes a small degree of sensitivity experienced with tooth whitening, depending on which system is used. If a patient does experience some sensitivity, they sometimes have to take some mild pain killers, however this is extremely rare.

Almost everyone! Provided your teeth are healthy and free of any disease, there is no reason you cannot have a beautiful white smile!

Following your initial tooth-whitening course, there is no reason you cannot maintain the results forever! Your dentist will discuss with you how to do this.

We only use the safest and most reliable tooth whitening systems. Using one of our tooth whitening systems is less destructive to your teeth than drinking a can of diet coke.