The Heathcote Dental & Implant Clinic, Macclesfield
New Patients Welcome!

Here at The Heathcote Dental and Implant Clinic we make dental extractions seem easy. With our years of experience, we take pride in accepting referrals from other dental practitioners and practices across the North West and Cheshire. Both our principal dentists work in multiple centres and hospitals carrying out complex oral surgery on a referral basis.

We can provide your treatment under local anaesthetic and sedation to calm your nerves, so rest assured you are in the safest hands.

Orthodontic Extractions and Canines

If you undergoing orthodontic treatment and your orthodontist has asked for teeth to be removed then you are in safe hands. Here at The Heathcote Dental and Implant Clinic we understand the importance of removing your teeth in the right way to aid you in your orthodontic treatment. We routinely accept referrals from our orthodontic colleagues to remove simple teeth and complex teeth.

We also accept referrals to expose or remove impacted canine teeth. Please give us a call and book your consultation to discuss further.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth can be a huge pain. They sometimes grow in the wrong direction and cause more issues than benefits. Sometimes there is not enough space in your mouth and they cannot fully grow through in your mouth. You may require the teeth to be removed. You can book a consultation and we can discuss all your options, procedure and costs with you to put your mind at ease.