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Gummy smile or too much gum can cause many patients to be self-conscious of their smile. It is a fairly common concern that can have a negative effect on your self-esteem. Here at The Heathcote Dental and Implant Clinic we are here to help you. Gummy smiles can be treated in many ways. Each case is unique and will be treated individually to ensure the optimum result is achieved. It can be treated with botox to reduce the activity of your top lip (this is reversible) or with surgery which is permanent.

Gum Recontouring often known in dentistry as gingivectomy or crown lengthening is a simple procedure consisting of minor surgery under local aneasthetic to sculpt your gum. It is routinely carried out in smile makeovers to get the perfect golden smile.

The intention is to remove and sculpt the excess/disproportioned gum by a couple of millimeters. This will create more white and less pink in your smile. Gummy smile treatment is normally coupled with veneers to transform the appearance of your teeth and smile.

We use many ratios and proportions to calculate your ideal gum line but what really matters is what YOU want. All this will be discussed with a member of our team and any questions or concerns will be explained at your consultation.

Does it hurt?

The procedure is carried out routinely under local anaesthetic. If you are nervous we are able to provide you with sedation to calm your nerves. You may require stitches and healing should take approximately 1 week. After that your gums will continue to mature at a slow rate but this is pain free.