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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment is where the nerve of the tooth is removed in order to save the tooth and stop the tooth from needing to be extracted. This can be required due to various reasons, the most common of which being dental decay.

At The Heathcote Dental & Implant Clinic, all of our dentists are trained in to perform Root Canal Treatments. We even offer more advanced Root Canal Treatment options with our principal dentist, Dr Mohammed Mudassar Akhtar. This may be required if a tooth requires a particularly difficult root canal treatment, or if the tooth is really far back in the mouth.

Dr Mudassar has trained under some of the worlds foremost endodontic specialists since 2017 and he has done further training in Manchester, London and Dubai.

Sometimes, patients can have root canal treatment that if left untreated, can cause problems in the future. Complex root canal treatments are carried out by Dr Mohammed Mudassar Akhtar upon referral at the clinic