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AirFlow Stain Removal

AirFlow stain removal treatment is one of the most advanced and comfortable dental hygiene procedures. It is a superior alternative to the traditional cleaning method of scaling.

The state-of-the-art technology of the AirFlow stain removal procedure uses compressed air, sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder, and a gentle pressurised jet stream of water, which effectively removes the stains and plaque from the surface of the teeth. AirFlow dental hygiene procedure successfully removes plaque and stains present above and below the gumline, offering complete prophylaxis. The AirFlow stain removal at our clinic effectively removes the stains from the teeth’s surface caused by tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, etc. This treatment reveals a brighter and fresh smile right after the procedure, and the difference can be seen immediately.

Benefits of airflow stain removal

Highly effective in removing stains and disease-causing plaque and calculus
Fast and effective
Gentle to teeth
It can be used even to clean teeth with hypersensitivity
Polishes the surface of the teeth at the same time as it cleans
Safe to clean prosthesis like implants, crowns, and bridges
Has an antibacterial effect
Safe to use during orthodontic treatments and to clean braces

Airflow vs regular dental cleaning: which is better?

AirFlow stain removal utilises air and a streamlined jet of water that removes the plaque and debris from the gums up to a depth of 5mm. At the same time, it also polishes all the surfaces of the teeth gently using sodium bicarbonate or glycine powder. Regular dental cleaning cannot reach this depth and also are very abrasive to the tooth structure. AirFlow oral hygiene treatment can also be used to clean dental implants, veneers, crowns, and bridges, as it is gentle yet effective.

If you are someone who feels uneasy at the sound and feel of metal scrapping on your teeth, AirFlow Dental hygiene treatment is for you since it uses compressed air and water. This means AirFlow teeth cleaning is also more comfortable for you as a patient. The AirFlow teeth cleaning powder is now available in different flavours like mint; this makes it much more pleasant. The system is also known to be pain-free which adds to the patient comfort.


Airflow dental hygiene is ideal for patients who suffer from dental sensitivity. Regular dental hygiene methods lead to vibrations and heat production, which leads to increased sensitivity. This problem is now obliterated with the introduction of AirFlow oral hygiene as there is no vibration or heat production with this technology.



Observational studies have shown that air polishing is three times faster at tartar and debris removal than regular dental practices. Teeth are also cleaned in a much less abrasive manner. AirFlow oral hygiene procedure is also a safe cleaning method before orthodontic appointments. It does not interfere with the bonding procedure and removes the persistent stains and plaque deposits much more efficiently. This proves the superiority of AirFlow stain removal offered at our dental office over traditional options.

Airflow teeth cleaning is efficient in removing stains caused by coffee, tea, tobacco and alcohol in one sitting. Apart from this, it can also be used to remove staining caused by certain medications, as well as plaque and debris removal.

You will be able to appreciate a brighter, healthier, and sparkling smile after your first sitting with the AirFlow stain removal procedure. However, it is not a teeth whitening treatment and may not effectively remove stains caused by congenital dental issues and fluorosis. You can schedule an appointment with us now to know how AirFlow stain removal technology can help you to a brighter and healthy smile.